Benefits of choosing GENESYS



While the average tenure in the staffing industry is 10 weeks, at GENESYS it is over 7 years! The longevity of our staff means not having to scramble to find a replacement if a consultant decides to change jobs.


Supplier Diversity

Today many government contracts require participation from vendors that are Minority / Woman-owned Business Enterprises (M/WBEs). As a certified WBE, GENESYS has built an extensive network of qualified diverse suppliers to ensure that our customers’ need for diversity supports overall project success.


Experience and Connections

For over 30 years, GENESYS has developed a deep talent pool and a successful track record of staffing and working with companies across industries and geographies. Whatever you need, we can provide.


Customer Service

Every client is assigned an account owner and a team of recruiters that will work hand-in-hand to ensure that the right candidate, with the right qualifications, is promptly identified, vetted, technically screened, and presented at the right price.

Industries Served




Financial Services







Core Competencies

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  • Project & Program Management

  • Business & Systems Analysis

  • Systems Integration

  • Application Design & Development

  • Database Design, Development & Administration

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Training

  • Maintenance & Support of Applications


Rethink your talent strategy

Companies have to meet constantly changing IT and talent needs to stay competitive.

GENESYS has a flexible suite of solutions to be responsive to your unique hiring needs.

Companies Often have 3 types of challenges

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Spike in resource demand

Your team is about to begin a new project, integrate a new technology, or an existing project proves bigger than expected. You may also need to meet targets for supplier diversity.

Hard to judge employee fit

Each hiring decision has a critical impact on your team culture. It’s often difficult to judge in an interview if a candidate has all skills necessary for success in your organization.

Can’t find specific skills

In a tight job market, your internal recruiting team may need additional help tapping into as many talent pools as possible to find and recruit the best and brightest.

GENESYS Provides 3 types of Solutions



Augment any team with this scalable staffing solution. We provide you with our highly-skilled professionals who seamlessly integrate into your team. An hour worked is an hour billed. When the project ends, or the work is completed, we move our employee onto the next assignment.



Have confidence in your hiring decision by trying before you hire. For a period of a few months, our employee works for you and bills an hourly rate. If you would like to bring them on board as an employee after the contract period, you hire them! It’s just that easy.


Permanent Placement

If your internal team has been struggling to find people with the necessary skills, leverage our experienced recruiters and extensive networks to find that perfect fit now. Of course, the final hiring decision is yours, and you only pay us a placement fee if you hire someone we find.